Bissell Crosswave Review – A Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Crosswave Review – A Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner

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There is a traditional and conventional way of cleaning tiled floors and timber; using a mop and bucket. But, there are two drawbacks of this; first, the water in the bucket will become dirty soon, and second, if you continue cleaning with it, your mop will spread more debris in spite of cleaning. Yes, you can use a vacuum for cleaning the surface before using the mop, but, I don’t think anyone would want to clean a surface before cleaning it! So, ultimately, you need a perfect cleaning solution. Today, we will review the Bissell Crosswave professional which is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner. It can clean carpets, rugs, and even hard floors without using any extra equipment. Let’s check the Bissell crosswave review below.

Key features and specifications of Bissell Crosswave Professional

  • Bissell crosswave performs vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time
  • It has a suction power of 100-150 watts and pulls out about 4.4amp for spinning the brush roll at 3,000 RPM
  • Two-tank cleaning system among which one is for storage of the dirty water with an automatic stop mechanism and another is for clean water. This system ensures that dirty and clean water never get mixed
  • It comes with a multi-surface dual-action brush roll
  • It can clean low pile carpet, tile floors as well as hardwood floors
  • Efficient and effective vacuum cleaner for daily or weekly usages
  • Passed BTP0257 hard floor soil cleaning test
  • Bissell warranty of four years if purchased from the company directly


The multi-surface brush roll is made with nylon bristles and microfibers which gently scrubs and sweeps the debris and dust simultaneously. The brush roll rotates at a super high speed of nearly to 3000 RPM which performs very quick cleaning, especially soiled areas. This means you will not to repeat the cleaning at the same spot again and again. The vacuum head is enabled for wide swivel motion which helps you to reach awkward places like corners, underneath the furniture, etc.

The smartclean fingertip buttons help to switch easily between area rug cleaning and hard floors. It also comes with an easy-to-clean self-cleaning tray, which makes it easily cleanable after use. It has a self-cleaning function, so just fill the water in the tray, place the head on it, and turn on the Bissell Crosswave. It is recommended that you clean the dual tanks and the filter with warm water at frequent times. The Bissell Crosswave gives a true high-class performance with its innovative design and unique features.


  • It is not cordless, so you will have to manage with the power cord and electricity outlet while cleaning
  • The vacuum suction can give better performance


Overall, Bissell Crosswave review shows that it is a well-performing multi-surface vacuum cleaner which is available at an affordable price. It saves your valuable time by cleaning and mopping your carpets, rugs, and floors at same time. If it can have cordless functionality included in it, then it can become the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and floors without any doubt.