A system-on-a-chip (SoC) is a memory chip having all the essential electrical circuits and portions for a certain system, such as a smartphone or wearable computer, on a single integrated circuit (IC). It may cover numerical, analog, digital, mixed-signal, and often radio-frequency functions—all on a single chip substrate. SoCs are very popular in the mobile electronics market due to their less utilization of power. A standard claim is in the area of entrenched systems.

SoCs includes

  • Control Unit- The key control units in SoC are numerical indicator processors, microchips, microcontrollers.
  • Memory Blocks: In a SoC chip the elementary memory units are ROM, RAM, Flash memory, and EEPROM.
  • Timing Units: Oscillators and PLLs are the controller units of the System on the chip.
  • Analog interfaces, external interfaces, voltage regulators and power management units form the basic interfaces of the SoCs.

A SoC entails of both the hardware and the software directing the microcontroller, microprocessor or DSPcores, peripherals, and interfaces.

The benefits   of SoC are low power, less cost, great consistency, lesser form factor, elevated amalgamation levels, rapid operation, better design and trivial size.

The hindrances of SoC are production charge, complexity, additional confirmations, demands of the market.

Applications of SoCs

Mostly SoCs has been seen in the mobile devices industry. The use of SoCs has certified manufacturers to come up with devices that recommend many performances. It also permits them to emphasize on features they project to the target customers than depending on the competencies of chips provided by some other company. SoCs also carried out a transformation in fixed systems by paving way for very trivial and movable single-board computers.

Instances of SoCs

Most of the SoCs offered in the market today are ARM based. Some instances amid SoCs in the smartphone industry are, Apple A4, NVidia Tegra series, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs. Raspberry Pi 2 originates with Broadcom BCM2836 SoC. Numerous SoCs have been advanced by the Open Cores community.

System on the chip is a full form of SoC . It is a microchip which incorporates all the constituents into a single chip. It may comprise analog, digital, mixed -signal and other radio- frequency functions all lying on a single chip substrate. Nowadays SoCs have turned out to be very regular in electronics industry owing to its less intake of power.