10 Awesome IoT Projects Ideas for Students

10 Awesome IoT Projects Ideas for Students

10 Awesome IoT Projects Ideas for Students

IOT ideas or Internet of Things ideas is a new way to define technology or to see what we can expect from technology in just a few years. The fact is that technology has come a long way and the Internet has been making our lives a lot easier in many different ways. So, why not connect the two and make other devices, other discoveries, tat can make our lives much simpler?

There are many IOT project ideas out there. We just can’t say that one is more valid than the other. What we can say is that an Internet of Things idea will give you the power to control more things, not only digital things, through the Internet.

Here are 10 awesome Internet of things projects ideas for students:

  • The first IOT idea is related to children. We all love our children and want to make sure they are always okay. However, when they are still babies, the only thing they do is crying. Sometimes, you just don’t know what the baby needs. He might be hungry, sleepy, with some kind of pain. You just don’t know. So, one IOT project idea is for you to be able to check the temperature, the pulse rate, the heartbeat, among others, by simply attaching a device to your baby’s clothes.
  • Health is definitely a great field to implement IOT ideas. Imagine an older person living alone in his own home. And suddenly, he falls. If no one comes by to check him every day, he might be laid on the floor for many straight days. So, if there was some kind of wearing the device that would send a message or call someone’s cell phone when the person wasn’t moving after a determined number of hours, this can mean saving lives.
  • Living in a modern society isn’t always easy. You just feel you don’t have time for anything. And as if work wasn’t enough, or taking care of the house or your family, you still need to go to the supermarket. What if your fridge would be able to tell you the products you are missing? And what about the ones that are expiring? By sending you a simple email, you could know what you need to get from the supermarket at any moment.
  • Talking about the refrigerator, we need to talk about smart houses. This promise has a long time but it still fascinates most people. Having a way to completely control all the devices in your home would be really great.
  •  If you think about Google smart glasses and imagine they can be adapted to industry applications. They could be a way to identify any stock running out and alert the managers. These would then decide if they should order or not.
  •  Just like when you have a baby and he needs all your attention, when you’re taking care of an older person, you also need to pay them a lot of attention. So, having a device that would alert you in case they have any fever, heart problem, breathing problem, among others, would be great.
  •  What about when you come home from work? Do you notice how cold it is during winter and how hot it is during summer? Well, an IOT projects for students would be to turn on the thermostat of your home when your car is at a certain distance from your home.
  •  There are many IOT ideas for agriculture. One of the things that could really help us all was to have a device that would show you how much water the plants need, the humidity of the soil and air, among other factors.
  •  Garbage bins are necessary. However, the garbage collectors may go through a street where all the bins are completely full and on the next street, they are only half-full. So, as a way to use fewer resources, there could be a garbage system that would monitor and alert when the garbage bin is full.
  • Most of us need to deal with traffic. What if there was a way to get all the data you need relating to traffic that could make your life a lot easier. If it could tell you that certain roads are blocked because there was an accident, a street is closed because they’re making some improvements, among others. This would allow you to save a lot of time.